Top Baby Fashion Trends of 2019

The only thing you can be sure about is that when it comes to fashion trends, specifically baby fashion trends in our case is that it rotates around each decade bringing back what was trending only ten years ago.  Baby fashion in 2017 is substantially different from trendy baby clothes in 2019. I mean, look at the way our brand has evolved in just two years. You probably don't even remember that we once created designs like this!

The obsession with organic baby clothes began just as much as waffle and ribbed outfits have come into demand. The one baby fashion trend of 2019 that will last well beyond the years is the demand for ‘gender neutral pieces’.

Floral pieces that suit a boy just as much as a girl, dinosaurs that look pretty on a girl and cute on a boy, colours that make others wonder ‘what gender is your baby?’. The demand to simplify and be ‘minimalistic’ with the touch of a bow is a timeless baby fashion trend of 2019.

In fact, it is so on trend to live minimally that having a capsule wardrobe of fewer than 20 pieces is all apart of the 2019 fashion. Its about picking carefully the neutral, timeless, and simple pieces that ooze both quality and comfort. Not only in the wardrobe but within the whole house. The Marie Kondo trend of de-cluttering and cleaning up has reaffirmed this that less is in fact more so we must do the ‘less’ aspect right.   

The one benefit to this trend is that amongst shopping for gender neutral, minimalistic stylish pieces is that all the future children you desire are already catered for. You are not investing in baby outfits for one but your purchasing that baby romper for your next daughter and even your son too. It doesn’t matter because what looks good on her will also suit him.



Gender Neutral Colours:

Don’t worry about choosing a pink romper or blue, go for the burgundy, cream or mint garment that doesn’t scream ‘I am a baby girl’ so that the item you buy is considered an investment. The best time to invest is in your first pregnancy as you’ll have baby fashion pieces to last all your children through the years. Go wild and indulge in items that are neutral and timeless. If you know a friend expecting, then double up as it makes the perfect gift!

Take a look at our simplistic terracotta 'jumper' romper here. 

Waffle All The Way:

This is a trend sure to stay, through summer and winter waffle has rotated through the season and is one to add to the minimalistic wardrobes. We’ve seen waffle on the runway but the truth is no one can wear it like a baby and toddler can so choose a waffle set as this baby outfit is a 2019 fashion trend ready to last the long haul!


Ribbed Baby Sets:

If you’re a frequent online baby fashion shopper you will have seen all the ribbed baby sets that are trending. Cute button up rompers, shorts and tees but a long sleeve tracksuit set perfect for newborn and beyond is another baby fashion hit that suits either gender, either age and for a good lifetime as it is set to stay and carry us through the next few season! Take a look at our cute river pullover jumper here as the perfect wardrobe staple!


Simple Prints:

Prints aren’t just for girls! The 2019 baby fashion trend of prints for boys is stronger than ever. I’ve seen boys in floral, mermaids and hearts and there is nothing cuter than it. It is so warming seeing that children are now being raised with no restrictions. A truck is as much a girls toy as it is a boys. Once it was only for a boy, but as parents we have the ability to show our children that they can share, that together they can play and have the same interests no matter what their gender is. I love seeing all the trendy baby clothes featuring floral or pineapples and its partly why our printed sets keep selling out so fast! They are such a wardrobe MUST have but you have to be quick!

Our organic pear bodysuit is one of a kind, cute and loveable just as much as our hit rose floral bamboo zippy pyjama has been! Embrace the 2019 baby fashion trends to live and breathe a more simple way of parenting and 'keeping up' with all the best baby outfits! 


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