Something To Read, Something To Wear, Something I Want, Something I Need

The Christmas season is looming again – it is so very near and it is often a pressurised time for families to weigh up and compare gifts.

Do you remember what you got your child for Christmas last year? Do they still play with it?

If both your answers to those questions were no then keep reading because we have a silly season strategy that is both unique, fun and affordable. It is coming quite popular among families and we would love to make your gift selection process easier, organised and stress free!

Something To Read, Something to Wear, Something I Want, Something I Need

The gifting process that is both practical for your child as it is the parent. What do I get my child? Simple – follow the 4 gifting points, fulfil, wrap and wait. We have done the hard work by touching on the points that might align with you!

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Something to Read

We are absolutely loving the beautiful and unique books created by Adored Illustrations. They are a tasteful, timeless book that features both equally stunning on a bedroom wall but is uniquely beneficial for your child to read as they delve into learning their A B C’s or 1 2 3’s. 

You can checkout their range by clicking here.

A recent discovery was also made by the unique and personalised book range by Story of Me – These are books that utilise your childs face and turns them into the star of each story in that book! The illustrations are so carefully designed that it will have your child convinced they in fact had a special book written just for them!


Something to Wear

If I am bias just sit me back down but the new Summer of Eve range will give your little one more than just Something to Wear but something to treasure! While the baby fashion trends of 2019 will soon be coming to an end (some will withstand through 2020) and we have designed our latest collection to withstand time once again!

We recommend investing in quality pieces from our own collection because we trust the quality process we follow to ensure the products aren’t one hit wonders but the styles you can pass down to generations that still look and feel as good as they did the day you purchased.

Get your mini set for summer with some of our new season styles!

Something I Want

We all want something, like the opportunity to win the lotto or a flash holiday but the little people in your lives want something too. They don't often ask for the lotto ticket or flash holiday but the simple toy they see on the shelf and can't let go of.

How can you not find it hard to say no to little faces like this? 

It is good to create a habit with your child when they see something on a shelf that they 'really' want that they can't have toys for anything. Tell your little person you will take a photo and send it in to Santa for Santa to consider giving them for Christmas! 

It will create less of an instant headache for you and begin to instil some really great habits in your children that what you 'want' must still be for a reason. Then watch their little face light up again on Christmas day when they realise Santa didn't forget about what they saw and wanted that day! 


Something I Need

This is the one thing you often 'need' to gift as it is the quickest item your little one grows out of coming out of the cooler season and ready to swim again! If you haven't clicked on it is time to get some swimwear that your child needs! 

We love the classic timeless styles that can be kept to pass down to future generations! 

Our top pick for swimwear you need is by Nenna Swim.
We love the classic rust bikini for the girl and navy for the boys. 


That is your simple read, wear, want & need list sorted for the little people in your lives this Christmas! 

I would love to hear below about what you will be getting them for each category?


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