Interview | Skye Wheatley Talks Beyond Motherhood

Interview | Skye Wheatley Talks Beyond Motherhood

Skye Wheatley first became a woman of talk after she shot to Australian fame with within the popular reality television show called Big Brother. Her appearance showed nothing but a young and authentic woman not afraid to speak as she saw. 

Skye didn't hold back and that made her among one of the most loveable on the reality show but following the finale she continued to grow as Australia began following her personal journey on social media. Skye went through many transitions as she was essentially growing up with a spotlight on her. 

We have seen her through all the highs, the lows and even the changes but the special thing about this woman is that she is always purely authentic and herself in every manner and one of the most special transitions we have watched to date is that of her role from individual to motherhood. 

We talk with Skye to find out a little more about her motherhood journey and what is next. Skye's own son Forest regularly wears and utilises the Summer of Eve range and we can't wait to show you! 

        1.  This is your chance... Did you love or loath pregnancy and are you ready to do it again?

          I loved pregnancy but I also love fitting into my clothes and seeing results from the gym now. It is hard at times to even remember what it felt like to be pregnant but I can't wait to do it again!

        2. How did you come up with the name Forest?

          Forest in Jumper Romper Terracotta

          Lachy actually came up with the name and I said no at first but it grew on me and I fell in love with it. I'm so happy with his name and it grows on me more everyday!

        3. How many babies do you really want?

          To be honest; when times are tough I say only two but I would love to actually have three. We'll see how I go! It's not a walk in the park but I can't wait to have another!

        4. Birth Plan? Your advice to an expecting mum? 

          I didn't have a birth plan! I'm not much of a planner myself. My advice to a new mum is that routine is key. If you don't have a routine it will make your life hard (like mine, haha) but you need to either choose routine or go with the flow! I also encourage you to not take on board too much advice from other people otherwise it gets overwhelming!

        5. You always have amazing style, Has your fashion style changed at all since becoming a mum?

          I definitely try to choose comfort more now. It's so hard to be glam when your on mum duties too so I can only glam when I have the time!

        6. Your biggest challenge in motherhood so far?

          I think day sleeps. Forest hasn't always been the best day napper and that's hard because when he's awake I want to spend all my time with him so not a lot gets done!

        7. Who is your ultimate mum crush?

          I would say @kirralongmuir because she's a mummy and a business woman and I aspire to be able to juggle both as well as her hahaha.

        8. Forest frequently wears some of the Summer of Eve range on your instagram. Show us Forest in your favourite pieces!

          Forest is usually wearing the Truffle Ribbed Pullover and Truffle Ribbed Trackies or the Terracotta Jumper Romper from above!

        9. Where do you see yourself in five years?

          I see myself traveling with Lachy and our babies.

        10. What is one charity you would love to remind people to donate too right now

          Probably RSPCA. I think it's amazing that they encourage people to buy dogs who are in need of a home rather than a pet store. I prefer animals over humans  sometimes. Animals are so loving and pure! You can donate to the RSPCA here.

        11. What is your favourite part about being a social influencer on both Youtube and Instagram?

          I LOVE my job! I think it's so important to find what you're passionate about! I've never been good at being told what to do, I love that I'm my own boss and I love the freedom my job gives me. I can do my work from anywhere which is so amazing. I'm currently at the hair dressers filming content as I write this.

        12. Has becoming a mother changed you? How?

          I think my patience and tolerance is much better. I'm also so much more productive with my time because I need to get things done quickly because I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to certain tasks now.

        13. Be honest, what can you not live without?

          Fake tan & nappy wipes!

Well, there you have it! If that isn't more of a reason to love the authenticity behind Australian sweetheart, you-tuber and blogger Skye Wheatley then I don't know what is. We can't wait to see where Skye takes us next and looking forward to her continuing to grow her family!

You can keep up with Skye Wheatley on her popular instagram page here.

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