Behind The Team - Behind The Scenes

You see long, long ago when Summer of Eve was just a little thought in my mind it was also something I never knew how to 'make' happen exactly. I had the abilities to draw, create and even sew but building a brand, a label that goes far beyond that first dream I knew would require more woman power.

Being a minimalist myself, I knew I had to make this process as simple yet as ethical as possible. I am proud to say that our beautiful, incredible label is crafted together by some of the most heart-warming, loving women in China! 

Doing business with China has been far beyond what I first imagined. They have been compilable, ethical, communicative and have become a family to Summer of Eve. It is amazing that each and every day we provide a place of work to woman who choose to work with us, pattern make for us, sew for us. Together (that means you too) put food on their table, help to school their children and pay their rent.

It is a pretty special partnership all round and one I often forget to talk about and say, I actually have an amazing team in China who help make our label possible!' so that is why I am sharing this with you right here, right now so that you know, it doesn't matter where the products are made but that our products are still made following strict ethical guidelines and amongst a team of beautiful women who get up everyday to enter a workplace that is safe, humble and bringing all of our children hand-crafted ethical quality made fashion!

This is a real life behind the scenes of our team at work, work, work! 

I am so grateful to have an extra set of hands and woman power to help us keep creating, providing and sharing!


Written by Mikhailla on behalf of Summer of Eve.



  • So awesome being able to see the faces of the people who help create your gorgeous garments :)

  • Wow this is soooo gorgeous!!!!
    You wrote such beautiful words♥️🌈


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