5 simple steps to wean the dummy

Uh-oh, somewhere along the way of this parenting journey you decided a dummy was the best decision for your child. You were tired, exhausted and nothing would calm your baby the way a pacifier could but then came the day you realised it is time to wean the dummy. The day everyone said you would find hard, challenging and make you regret ever purchasing a dummy.

I just have to say - don't be scared! 

Just as everyone initiated that pacifier weaning would be tough it was actually easier than the fear I carried with me when we began to wean our two and a half year old from her beloved dummy. Any mum would know the daunting feeling you have when approaching the time to 'wean that pacifier'. The constant questions around 'Don't you think it is time you get rid of the dummy?'. The dummy is for all they have known a normal accessory to their life since birth!

I want to tell you the easiest way to wean the dummy!

It involves a little bit of preparation, not much but your Toddler needs to know what is ahead. They need to know there is a day that is coming that their dummy will no longer be for them. That they will be a big girl now and there is a strategy that needs to be reinforced into their mind since they are old enough to 'understand' at the age of two and a half I highly recommend this as an age (if you feel your child is ready) to begin the process of weaning that dummy! 

This is the story that will make weaning the dummy simple. I bet you have never heard that before? That weaning the dummy could be simple? 

The simple story that made weaning the pacifier easy, breezy.



    You need to prepare your toddler that the dummy fairy is going to arrive in five days. The dummy fairy is going to arrive with a very special present. The dummy fairy will take all your dummies and give them to the little babies who need them just like you needed when you were a little baby. Tell this story each night before bed leading up to the night.


    Your toddler needs to be reminded that their dummy is no longer for them. Replace the dummy with a big unicorn and fairy house (or objects of your choice) so that when they ask for the dummy you can remind them the dummy fairy came because they left you a unicorn and the dummies were placed in the fairy house for the fairies to take (point and show them). 


    Reinforce that she is a big girl now and that all the little babies need to use her dummy just like she did when she was a baby. 


    On the night the dummy fairy is to arrive place the fairy house in her room.Ask her to put all her dummies in the fairy house (except the one your child is sleeping with).When your child is fast asleep, take the dummy out of their mouth and place your gift (we gave a unicorn) all wrapped up in their room to wake up to.


    This part is for your eyes only mummy or daddy but you need to whisk that dummy away on a night, cut it up and dispose of it never to be seen again and never go back on the story you had been telling your toddler. They need to be reminded (and not be able to find/access) any dummies around the house. 


    You can bet that your toddler may ask about their dummy but retell the story of where the dummy went and remind them the dummy fairy felt they were a big girl now. They may ask for a week but just reinforce that the dummy fairy came. Evie, surprisingly only asked in the car or night time but we would put the unicorn we gave her to bed with her and for the car snacks were a key distraction in ensuring we didn't give in to returning the dummy to our toddler
    Wherever you may be in your parenting journey, whether pregnant or two years deep in toddlerhood just don't be scared. Don't base your decisions around fear. Don't use a dummy because everyone scares you about the weaning process. Don't regret your decision when it comes time to weaning. Don't lose faith that you can't do it because you can. You are the mama, the best mummy they know. That little dummy fairy is going to flutter her wings and make weaning the dummy simple and easy and if you need some more advice check out this mama's tips!

      Article written on behalf of Danielle and the story she told sweet Evie when she weaned her from her beloved dummy at the age of two and a half years old. 

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