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  • Something To Read, Something To Wear, Something I Want, Something I Need

    The little people in your lives only need little gifts for Christmas. 
    Don't blow your budget on all the 'want's' that feature on their santa list. Follow our simple and easy guide to gifting for Christmas with the Something to Read, Something to Wear, Something I Want and Something I Need gift suggestions.
  • Interview | Skye Wheatley Talks Beyond Motherhood

    Interview | Skye Wheatley Talks Beyond MotherhoodSkye Wheatley first became a woman of talk after she shot to Australian fame with within the popu...
  • How can I work from home?

    Dreaming about a day that you can work from home? That day will never just arrive but you have to make the time for it and take the risk! Here are our top list of work from home jobs for any woman seeking a change whether hobby or career based  from home jobs!
  • Behind The Team - Behind The Scenes

    You are probably wondering. Is Summer of Eve a one woman team? Who has the time to make all of the incredible pieces that land in your little ones wardrobe? Step inside as I take you through our behind the scenes. The team that made Summer of Eve turn from idea to reality!
  • 5 simple steps to wean the dummy

    You hear those words that you feel would haunt you one day 'don't give your child a dummy, you are creating a bad habit' but what if I told you this habit could easily be broken and you don't need to be scared about it? Weaning a pacifier is made easier with this simple story!
  • Sweet Dreams Little One

    We believe we need to help our baby sleep through the night, follow a baby sleep schedule, arrange a sleep consultant because our baby must have baby sleep problems if they are not yet sleeping through by two months old but what if in fact, it is all just normal and it all goes faster than you'll believe?
  • Top Baby Fashion Trends of 2019

    Get back to basics with a timeless wardrobe as the 2019 trend is in full force with a less is more approach. The highlight of the season is the demand of gender neutral pieces that any baby can wear!
  • Back To Basics - Minimal Kids Wardrobe

    Back To Basics

    Creating a minimal capsule wardrobe for your little girls and boys.

  • Summer Essentials

    Our Guide to Summer Essentials for TOTS N TODDLERS. Inside you will find some special discounts from some of your favourite NZ Businesses. Stay safe and enjoy summer.
  • Latest Designer Kids Range - Pepis Boutique!!

    We have some exciting news to share with you, Summer of Eve is now a proud stockist for Pepis Boutique Summer Range. Pepis Boutique is a New Zealan...